Le Carnival Haiti – NOW Magazine


Beat the winter blues! ZOOM into “Le Carnival Haiti”. Join The Rotary Club of Parkdale-High Park-Humber for this sunny fun on-line fundraiser to support HANWASH* the audacious Rotary inspired group that aims to sustainably bring fresh clean water to every home in Haiti.

Dress for your Carnival. Get festive and be ready to party. Pour yourself a cool one and join us for a sampling of Haitian culture through the arts!

• Learn how to make some classic street food in the Creole Cooking class with Chef Marc-elie Lissade and Amir Vertieres of Boukan Restaurant
• Take a Konpa Dance lesson with Schiller Greffin and Meggie Crepal of Danse Select Canada
• Discover how to make an exclusive Carnival cocktail created by Reuben Virasami mixologist extraordinaire
• Enjoy Music by Haitian musicologist DJ NS
• Discover stunning Haiti with tour guide Ricardo Province.
• Meet HANWASH representatives Neil Van Dine and Fritz G. Pierre-Louis