Larry O’Brien Trophy touches down at KCI


The greatest prize in the NBA, the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, was at Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate for a photo-op yesterday.

KCI alumni and former high school basketball player John Bennett, 30, now works in analytics for the Toronto Raptors.

He brought the trophy as a thank to you his alma mater and former basketball coach, Nick White.

“Nick actually cut me in grade 10,” Bennett said.

“He cut me but he was still looking out for me, and he was still, you know, checking in with me,” he added. “To this day, he’s the best coach I’ve ever played for.”

The trophy travels in a hard case with multiple combination locks. (Matthew Pierce/CBC)

The trophy arrived in Kitchener early Thursday and spent the morning at Westmount Public School where Bennett spent his elementary years. 

Students were lined up around the gym and out into the hallway, waiting for their chance to get a picture.

Bennett also brought his NBA championship ring. (Matthew Pierce/CBC)

Bennet came back to KCI after graduating to help coach the team, White said.

“To have a 17, 18 year old want to come back to help other kids get better at a sport I think just starts the idea of how special he is,” he said. 

Students and teachers lined up to snap a photo with the trophy. (Matthew Pierce CBC)