Kyle Lowry’s answer on future hints at next stop


Lowry’s answer about future is good news for Sixers fans originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

With the Toronto Raptors’ cursed 2020-21 season over, Philly native and will-he, won’t-he Sixers target Kyle Lowry conducted his exit interview Tuesday with reporters who wanted to see if Lowry could tell us what comes next in his career.

Like a true pro, Lowry tried to give a short answer and keep things open:

Except the rest of Lowry’s answers made it clear that he has a couple particular destinations in mind.

As a 35-year-old free agent this summer, Lowry said he’s looking mainly at two things: money…

…and more championships:

Aren’t we all, Kyle?

It sounds like Lowry wants to take care of his family, but he doesn’t want to just grab the highest-paying offer that arrives at his agent’s phone. He also wants to be competing for a title next year.

That makes a return to the Raptors feel unlikely, as well as a potential team-up with the Knicks, who have had a great 2020-21 revival but can’t be viewed as serious title contenders. The Knicks reportedly have Lowry on their list of targets for this summer.

Which team likely benefitted from Lowry’s answers on Tuesday?

How about the hometown team who just locked up the No. 1 seed and have a reasonable path to the championship ahead of them?

The Sixers are reportedly looking to explore a sign-and-trade for Lowry this summer. Who exactly would be involved in that trade is unclear; if President of Basketball Operations Daryl Morey wants to clear space for Lowry, who wants to get paid one more time, it can’t just be a filler guy and a draft picks.

But if Morey can find the money, it’ll be hard for another team in the East – or anywhere in the league, really – to sell a better championship-chasing opportunity than playing in Philadelphia. The Heat are likely to be contenders for Lowry’s service, but unless Miami pulls off its second straight unexpected Finals run, the Sixers’ argument for regular title contention should be stronger heading into this offseason.

The next two months, on top of being the Sixers’ best chance at a title during the Embiid-Simmons era, could also be a chance for Doc Rivers & Co. to make their case to Lowry. Because, after Tuesday, it sounds like the Sixers would be his perfect fit.

With Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons and Tobias Harris all locked in for the foreseeable future, Lowry would certainly make the Sixers the most fearsome team in the East, and maybe in the whole NBA.