Kyle Lowry Interview Has Toronto Raptors Fans Trying To Work Out Who He’s Imitating


It looks like one Toronto Raptor could have a bright future in acting. Reporters managed to capture a pretty funny Kyle Lowry interview in the locker room just after the tight win over the Charlotte Hornets. Without breaking character, KLow seemed like he was lowkey mimicking someone, but who exactly? Fans have been speculating since the bizarre presser but they just can’t seem to agree.

Lowry is always a decent bet for an entertaining post-game chat but he was noticeably chipper after the 112-110 win on Wednesday, Jan. 8.

The show began when he was asked to assess the performance of teammate Terence Davis.

“Yeah, I think he was unbelievable, he was great, uh, he was, uh, gosh, Terence, you were so good tonight. He was great, made big shots, he was close to home I guess, and, uh, yeah it was a really good game, really good win,” said Lowry.

The Philly native’s delivery seemed odd, to say the least, filled with dramatic pauses, the whole range of cliches, prominent “uh”s, and more than his usual variety of striking facial expressions.

In fact, this was probably Lowry’s second-best theatrical performance of the last month, right behind his The Nutcracker appearance alongside teammate Matt Thomas.

We recommend you watch the full 80 seconds.


During the interview, some of his teammates joined in on the laughter and could be heard telling Lowry to chill out cause it was just too funny.

When reporters asked if Kyle was channelling anybody in particular, the impressive impersonator denied everything.

“No, no not at all, I’m just really excited,” assured Lowry.

Nice try, Kyle.

Fans aren’t buying into the idea that Lowry simply got a little carried away. For many, the real question is, who is the No. 7 mimicking?

Many supporters had head coach Nick Nurse in mind, though some suggested he was instead mocking his teammate Davis.



Some eagle-eyed fans have suggested Lowry might be not-so-subtly mocking Davis for his own on-court post-game chat after the win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Dec. 30.

Other people, though, wonder if Lowry has simply become so Canadian over the course of his time in Toronto that he’s started channelling hockey players.

Lowry has been known in the past to be pretty vocal during his interviews. He certainly doesn’t shy away from being blunt and straightforward, just like his postgame interview after being heckled in Philadelphia by a fan.

He also loves to goof off, just like when he photobombed a Fred VanVleet and Drake pic.

Who was he trying to capture during this interview, though? We, uh, gosh, may never know. 

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