Kyle Lowry going to the Knicks would be a gut-punch


Now that the Toronto Raptors have officially seen the clock strike midnight on their 2020-21 season, all attention has been fixed firmly on Kyle Lowry, as the impending free agent might decide to say goodbye to his adopted home after nearly a decade. The New York Knicks, rivals in the division, could be a potential landing spot.

Lowry is still one of the most impactful point guards in the game, as the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers were preparing to relinquish either a promising young player or tons of draft capital in order to bring him into the fold. The Knicks, looking to stay hot after their terrific 2020-21 season, might look to upgrade at point guard.

Considering he has nearly a decade of service to a franchise that has helped elevate him to Hall of Fame status, it wouldn’t be outrageous for Lowry to only consider leaving the Raptors for a team that is provably in a better situation. The Knicks check that very important box, and there are rumored that state New York will make a run at him.

The Knicks made a ton of sense for Lowry, but this move would be an absolutely painful twist of the knife. Could we really see a No. 7 jersey in orange and blue? Yuck…that just does not feel right at all.

Kyle Lowry going to the Knicks would hurt Toronto Raptors fans.

The Knicks have plenty to offer him. In addition to Julius Randle, RJ Barrett, and two extra first-round picks to build around, they have a battle-tested coach in Thibodeau. Immanuel Quickley is solid, but his efficiency is in question. Derrick Rose can still get a bucket or two when needed, but Lowry has a higher ceiling. Elfrid Payton just isn’t cutting it.

In his career, Lowry has averaged 15.8 points and 6.2 assists per game against the Knicks.

Only the Lakers, Timberwolves, and Cavaliers have been worse guarding Lowry in terms of offensive rating, which means that Lowry’s name is firmly etched onto that long list of Knick killers. Trading in that status to join the Knicks is a great move career-wise, and it wouldn’t be a betrayal by any means, but it would be a major shock.

After years of busting the Knicks up and down the court, Lowry might actually defect and jump onboard the Death Star. While the Knicks are WAY ahead of schedule and are without question in a better position to win a championship than Toronto, Lowry slipping on those Knicks’ colors and not getting a chorus of boos in Madison Square Garden would be brutal for Toronto Raptors fans.