Jessica Moore and Sachiko Murakami


Double book launch for The Whole Singing Ocean by Jessica Moore, and Render by Sachiko Murakami, new poetry collections. Hosted by Knife Fork Book on Zoom. 7 pm.

About THE WHOLE SINGING OCEAN by Jessica Moore:
Sparked by the eye of a whale, The Whole Singing Ocean plunges us into memory, magic, ecological grief and the true story of a boat school.
Part long poem, part investigation, the book explores the affair of the École en bateau, a French countercultural school. The École was inspired by the ideals of ’68 and the theories of Foucault, promising adventure and freedom from the hierarchies of everyday life. One of the aims onboard was to abolish the separation between adults and children. As more troubling details are uncovered, Moore’s poetic inquiry is nudged along by an irreverent voice, foil to the narrator’s lyricism, and ultimately leads her toward echoes and traces in her own life and family history.
Dreams and transgression, sailor slang and the sacred, binaries and song underscore this book. At the heart of The Whole Singing Ocean is the question, How is it possible to hold two very different things—rapture and pain—at once?

About RENDER by Sachiko Murakami:
Journey through dreamscapes in Sachiko Murakami’s intimate and unflinching poetic memoir as she travels the non-linear path of addiction to recovery, how it shifts over time, and what happens when it is translated through poetry. Looking beyond the straightforward, happily-ever-after narrative, Murakami wades through the aftermath of her addiction and questions what happens to trauma when it is put down on the page – and all the ways in which it can be rendered. Recovery is a jagged line, but hope lives and crystallizes in every moment we can mark ourselves “#stillhere.”