Jalen Green would shine in Toronto


As the Toronto Raptors approach the end of their challenging 2020-21 campaign, the focus becomes on what the team will do during the offseason. The Eastern Conference’s 12th seeded Raptors have struggled this season but, the pot of gold at the end of the Raptors draft rainbow might be a G League star in Jalen Green.

Due to Toronto’s struggles this year, the draft lottery may result in the Raptors landing one of the top spots within the order. Plenty of Raptors Fans have petitioned for an Evan Mobley selection in the first round. but, teams like the Thunder, Pistons, or Rockets may alter those plans by swooping in and taking Mobley early on draft night.

Let’s continue this hypothetical and say Mobley is off the board before Toronto’s pick, which is very likely to happen. This would encourage Bobby Webster and Masai Ujiri to simply take the best available player off the board, neglecting a ‘team need’ pick. This could help Green end up in Toronto.

The Raptors have the seventh-best odds at landing the first overall pick in the upcoming draft. It’s likely the Raptors won’t be in a position to take Green in the top 10 but, Raptors fans should keep the hope alive.

Jalen Green could be perfect for the Toronto Raptors.

What would likely have to happen is a move into the top five via a trade. Green, who bypassed playing in the NCAA in favor of the NBA G League in 2020 after being a No.1 prospect in high school at Prolific Prep in California, hasn’t lost one ounce of hype despite the unusual G League season.

No matter where he ended up playing, he’s undoubtedly been worthy of being in the discussion of best players in the 2021 NBA Draft and is a guaranteed top-five selection. The Raptors have to be salivating when they flip on his film.