‘It’s a Family Award’: For Bobby Ryan, Masterton Trophy Is About No Longer Suffering Alone



The 2019-20 season was, in many ways, a microcosm of Bobby Ryan’s life.

By now, the story of Ryan’s turbulent childhood has been public knowledge for many years. The fact that he developed into a bona fide star NHL player, let alone 2005’s No. 2 overall draft pick, was a small miracle given the emotional trauma he endured as a child. When he was 10, his life was uprooted after his father was charged with assaulting his mother, jumped bail and fled to Canada. Bobby and his mother ended up reuniting with his father, going on the lam. Eventually, they found their way to California, Bobby’s father was arrested, and Bobby settled into a life that allowed him the opportunities he needed in hockey. His complicated past always followed him around, but he persevered.