Imperfect Self Care – Virtual Workshop


Create Your Practical, Compassionate & B.S.-Free Self Care Plan For Fall 2020

You’ve installed a meditation app on your phone… just waiting for the perfect moment to begin using it

After a day of “getting everything done” and checking all the boxes, you feel like a robot. You miss quality time laughing and just being with your friends

You fantasize about having an inspiring morning routine…but most days, you find yourself eating your kids leftover cereal over the kitchen sink

You’ve got a dozen articles about stress management bookmarked on your computer…but you don’t have 10 minutes to read any of them

If one more person tells you need to start practicing “self care” you might throw that leftover cereal in their face


We created Imperfect Self Care because we know you’re busy, stressed, and want to feel better already.

After working with hundreds of people (and doing years of coaching and growing ourselves!), we’ve noticed that perfectionism often stands in the way of happiness and success. People use the fantasy of “perfection” before they start doing what they want and need to do.

We know that done is better than perfect. And in this class, we’re going to help you create an imperfect self care plan… so you actually do it.