How Toronto reacted to 10,000 people gathering in the park this weekend


“Trinity Bellwoods is the Florida of Ontario”: How Toronto reacted to 10,000 people gathering in the park this weekend

Over the weekend, more than 10,000 people piled into Trinity Bellwoods Park, flouting physical distancing regulations. There were large groups sitting close together, minimal space between picnic blankets and plenty of mask-free mingling. Here’s what the Internet had to say.

Artist Briony Douglas illustrated a Dr. Seuss–inspired story about the events:

Toronto’s medical officer of health felt compelled to weigh in:

John Tory condemned the behaviour, but then visited the park himself:

His apology prompted memes galore:

The situation was bad enough to earn the cold shoulder from a taxi company:

Some tried to be polite:

Others like singer Tanya Tagaq, Montreal Canadiens player Max Domi and political strategist Warren Kinsella…didn’t:

Filmmaker Sarah Polley got philosophical:

Some pointed out that blame shouldn’t fall on the hipsters:

Former chief planner Jennifer Keesmaat came up with a plan:

Here’s another:

And a couple more long shots:

There were definitely alternatives to Trinity Bellwoods:

And a fair amount of hypocrisy:

But at least the whole thing gave people a chance to feel slightly better about their day:

There were comparisons to other summertime establishments:

And relief over having moved:

Some pointed out the obvious:

We never thought we’d see the day:

And, of course, there were also responses like this one: