How to Read Purpose and Joy in the Palm


After over 25 years of reading hands, Melanie-Dawn understands that there are clear themes that come up time and time again, and serve as an incredible tool for understanding how we evolve along our journey and the choices we make along the way. To help people understand these themes for their own personal development or to deepen their relationship with palmistry, she has designed a theme-based palmistry learning series.

Each theme covers core topics and patterns that come up in palmistry, presenting them as bite-sized, stand-alone experiences of the topic “at hand”. This allows participants to arrive to any workshop without pre-requisites, and dive into the area(s) that most compel them.

In this workshop we dive into what we mean by “joy” and “purpose”, how these are often confused with “success”. We explore the interactions between joy and purpose, including key transitions and challenges that arise when we are overcome by duties and responsibilities on the one hand, or personal satisfaction on the other. How do we use palmistry as a tool to transform our challenges and life transitions into propelling us on a path of purposeful, conscious, and satisfied living?

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