How to choose the right private school for your child


At private schools, academic rigour is table stakes. “We like to think we tick off a lot more boxes than simply delivering curriculum,” says David Trehern, elementary principal at Unionville Montessori, where students are taught a grade-advanced curriculum. “Our focus is to not only nurture the academic lives of our students, but also provide them with an experience that allows them to understand their community, both at home and globally, in a much deeper, more meaningful way.” Different schools will approach this idea differently—think everything from religious edu- cation to wellness programs—so it’s important to consider what kind of influence you want your child to receive. “This is a critical time for your child’s personal development,” says Tracy Grisdale, principal at Central Montessori school. “The school’s philosophy and approach help to develop your child into the adult they will be.”


3. See the school facilities