How the Raptors’ championship shaped the romantic relationships of their fans – The Athletic


Editor’s note: Some names have been changed at the request of those sharing their story.

The Toronto Raptors’ first-round schedule was offering a small window for serendipity.

Had the Raptors’ series with the Orlando Magic been plotted out differently, Jacob and Cara might not have found themselves at the same concert at a midsize downtown venue on an off night in April. Jacob and Cara knew each other, only kind of, in the way that people who spend a fair amount of time online begin to inhabit the same circles, a social bandwidth of sorts. A crossing of paths would have produced, at most, an awkward nonverbal acknowledgment of which each was only 90 percent sure was occurring with the person they believed. If Jacob was there at all, that is. The plans he’d made with friends coalesced only once it was confirmed the Raptors had the night off, and the mutual friend who invited them both out for drinks afterward would not have been in attendance…