How do San Antonio Spurs fans feel about Danny Green these days?


Former San Antonio Spurs shooting guard Danny Green was traded away two summers ago and is favored in his second NBA Finals since then.

Since departing from the San Antonio Spurs as part of the fated trade with the Toronto Raptors, shooting guard Danny Green has done pretty well for himself. While he’s not quite the player he used to be, teams see the value in his ability to rain 3-pointers and defend the perimeter at an elite level. For a 3-point specialist, he’s a pretty streaky shooter, but Green is at a commendable 36.5 percent from deep in the playoffs this year and hit 3-of-8 in Game One of the NBA Finals.

During his time in Toronto, Green made some questionable comments about the Spurs organization and found himself siding with Leonard in the process. That’s not a surprising outcome considering his place in the trade — A throw-in piece that the San Antonio Spurs no longer seemed to value.

However, San Antonio Spurs fans, who wished him good luck and fortune in his future at the time of the trade, seem to have come back around on ‘The Green Ranger.’

We took to Twitter and asked our readership how they feel about Green these days. Personally, I never stopped rooting for Green. A pivotal member of multiple championship runs, Green always performed in his role and executed the San Antonio Spurs’ gameplan. Some nights he was hot and others he was cold, but he always gave a concentrated effort on each side of the floor.

Furthermore, Green is one of the most crucial feel-good stories in the NBA. On the cusp of exiting the NBA, Green was swooped up by the San Antonio Spurs organization after a stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers and developed within their system. His hard work paid off when he set an NBA Finals record for made 3-pointers in a series. It was subsequently broken by the Golden State Warriors dynasty, but the point remains that he made history with this team.

Whereas the fanbase despises Leonard, Spurs fans seem to appreciate what Green brought to the franchise. Will he have his jersey retired? No, probably not, but he’ll always be remembered for giving his all and leaving his mark on the Spurs’ record books. Of the role players on that team who are most likely to have their jersey hang from the rafters, it’s Australian point guard Patty Mills who could find his No. 8 hanging from the AT&T Center.

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Where do you stand on Danny Green these days?