How a tequila bar manager makes it work on $46K


“I sell plant hangers, pottery and terrariums on the side”: How a tequila bar manager makes it work on $46K

Who: Cath Cruz, 29
What she does: Manager and server at a tequila bar with a plant business on the side
What she makes: $46,000 a year
Where she lives: A three-bedroom condo in Yorkville

Regular expenses: Rent: $760 a month. “I share a three-bedroom condo with four people.” Internet: $17 a month. Laundry: $20 a month. “We have laundry in the building, but it costs extra.” Cellphone: $67 a month, with Freedom mobile. Groceries: $200 a month. “I work at a restaurant and get free staff meals,
which means I save on groceries.” Transportation: $240 a month. “I take the TTC five to six times a week for work. My shifts finish late, so I usually Uber home.” Spotify: $10 a month. “I got a premium account when they were giving away Google Minis.” House cleaner: $18 a month. “My roommates and I split the cost.” Plants: $200 a month. “I resell them with handmade macramé hangers, pottery and terrariums.” Eating out: $70 a month. “Bubble tea is my weakness.” Manicures: $50 a month.

Recent splurges: Travel: $1,200, for a five-day trip to N.Y.C. and Miami. Concert tickets: $180, for a two-day ticket to Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn. “I try to go to a music festival every summer.” Comedy tickets: $150, for two tickets to JFL’s In Conversation With Broad City. “I’m taking my best friend for her birthday, since we’re basically the IRL versions of Abbi and Ilana.” Perfume: $235, for a 50-ml bottle of Byredo.

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