How a software engineer spends his $90K


“I got tired of living in cheap sublets”: How a software engineer spends his $90K

Who: Deepak Rishi, 26
What he does: Software engineer
What he makes: $90,000 a year
Where he lives: A one-bedroom plus den in South Riverdale

Regular expenses: Rent: $1,600 a month, utilities included. “It’s a bit more than what I usually spend, but I got tired of living in cheap sublets.” Internet: $32 a month. “I bundled my Internet with my Fido phone plan so I was able to get a good deal.” Cellphone: $50 a month. “But my office reimburses me up to 50 bucks a month for my phone plan, so it’s practically free.” Groceries: $300 a month. Eating out: $200 a month. “Downtown is full of awesome restaurants.” Transportation: $260 a month. “I spend about $180 on the TTC, which I take to get to work. If I’m late, I might end up taking an Uber, which costs about $10.” Gym membership: $60 a month, with GoodLife. Savings: $2,500 a month. He’s saving for a trip to Europe next year. Car rentals: $150 a month. “I don’t own a car, but I rent a few times a month for short trips.” Nights out: $150 a month. “I’m a pretty social guy and love going to bars and clubs a few times a month with my friends.”

Recent splurges: Travel: $1,500, for a flight home to India. “I usually visit my family once a year. This time I’m going in December, so the tickets were a bit expensive.” Plus $1,000 for a recent nine-day trip to California and $800 to visit friends in Boston and New York. Furniture: $500. “I purchased a bed from Kijiji for $350 and tables and chairs from my landlord for $150.”

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