How a community arts worker divvies up her $40K


“At this rate, I might need to get a second job”: How a community arts worker divvies up her $40K

Who: Ashabi Idris, 28
What she does: Resource and outreach coordinator at a community arts non-profit organization
What she makes: $40,000 a year
Where she lives: A two-bedroom apartment she shares with a roommate near Christie Pits

Regular expenses: Rent: $830 a month, for her half of a two-bedroom apartment. “It’s a little steep, but utilities and Internet are included, which helps.” Cellphone: $55 a month. “When I moved here from Oakland last year, I went with the cheapest plan I could find.” Groceries: $150 a month. “I shop at PAT Central and the fruit markets on Bloor.” Eating out: $100 a month. “Most of my favourite restaurants are in Koreatown. I love Korean BBQ and banh mi.” Transportation: $160 a month. “I take the TTC a lot, plus the occasional Uber.” Debt payments: $200 a month. Subscriptions: $18 a month, for Spotify Premium and Amazon Prime. Savings: $200 to $400 a month. “I put away any excess cash at the end of the month, but at this rate, I might need a second job to beef up my savings.”

Recent splurges: Travel: $750. “My birthday present to myself was a week-long trip to Panama. I’m staying in hostels to cut costs.” Nike Air Jordan 1s: $113. “I wear them almost every day.” Concerts: $250. “I saw Burna Boy, Banks and Tyler the Creator this summer.” Glasses: $70. “I bought two new pairs on EyeBuyDirect. You really can’t beat their prices.”

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