Healthy Hakko: The Fermented Culinary Arts of Japan, Part 2 – Genealogy of Sake


Miso, sushi, shoyu, sake, katsuobushi — these are the essential flavours of Japan, and they have all undergone fermentation. Over the course of three weekends in January, 4 documentary films will be presented about fermented Japanese foods, as well as 4 talks by experts, who will share their insights on the origins, health benefits and the special place that fermented foods hold in Japan’s culinary culture and traditions. Enjoy the online screening of the film The Genealogy of Sake, directed by Kaori Ishii, with two sets of discussions, starting with a talk and discussion by Dr. Victoria Lee (fermentation science in modern Japan) and Dr. Stephen Lyman (epidemiologist and shochu expert). There will also be a talk about the film, and sake, between Mr. Michael Tremblay (Sake Samurai, Sake sommelier) and Kaori Ishii, director of the film, The Genealogy of Sake. Jan 15-31. Free.

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