“From Weeds We Grow” Free Virtual Art Workshop


From Weeds We Grow is an interdisciplinary public art project that aims to connect community members to each other, to the arts, and to Rowntree Mills Park, encouraging exploration, conversation and connection. Our connection to nature and accessible public space within our communities is more important than ever.

From Weeds We Grow is a project that,

  • Uses new technologies to create virtual and immersive walking tours;
  • Presents stories and spoken word performances by community members and local emerging artists that reflect, explore and celebrate Rowntree Mills Park;
  • Showcases visual content created by intergenerational communities in the Rexdale and Humber Summit neighbourhood.
  • From Weeds we Grow will be in production through the summer of 2020 with the launch of our final Web App scheduled for November 2020.

The STEPS Initiative and artist Lindsey Lickers invite you to be part of a unique virtual art workshop rooted in Rowntree Mills Park. Learn about developing a visual language and symbolism while strengthening techniques in storytelling, drawing and mixed media. Participants’ final artwork will be a part of a collaborative and interactive virtual mural on the project web app. All are welcome.

Through From Weeds We Grow we seek to: 

  • create space for sharing, exploring and growing,
  • encourage diverse modes of self-expression through symbolism and storytelling,
  • build new networks and connections through a collaborative art process.

Please complete the registration form and STEPS will follow-up with the details.