Fred VanVleet reacts Norman Powell cry after Blazers trade


Portland Trail Blazers wing Norman Powell recounted his final moments with the Toronto Raptors franchise and opened up on how savage his former teammate Fred VanVleet was. According to Powell’s emotional piece called ‘The North‘ (via The Players’ Tribune), his old buddy sort of shamed him for being quite emotional as he was bidding farewell to the city of Toronto.

“First thing he says when he sees me, he goes, “Oh, man. You was crying?”, the ex-Raptors star wrote. “And I just sort of hang my head a little, and laugh. And then Fred laughs.”

That’s straight savage from FVV. VanVleet did end up comforting Powell during that exchange which ultimately meant a lot to the departing swingman as their almost five-season relationship in Toronto came to an end.

“It’s alright, brother. Thugs cry too. It’s cool, bro.” VanVleet said according to Powell.

Powell had developed an extremely close relationship with VanVleet in their time in the Raptors franchise which was ultimately immortalized with them winning the 2019 NBA crown. The 27-year-old refers to VanVleet as his ‘Day One’ and his best friend in the team and how they’ve motivated each other to become the best versions of themselves.

In the same article, Powell also shared how his move to the Blazers was relatively surprising. Though he did not dismiss the idea of being traded given that he was on his contract year, the trade still came at a shock, and having built a relationship with Raptors guys like VanVleet made things a bit harder for him.

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