Emmette Lewis – Anatomy Interrupted


Anatomy Interrupted explores the transfiguration of the human body. Each piece of art has a distorted natural form and a manipulated appearance. As each art piece progresses, the body becomes ever more entangled with the abstract background. This emphasizes the unification of our consciousness and the universe. These warped and contorted paintings are a representation of the split between our consciousness and our bodies. Anatomy Interrupted explores the spiritual, personal and emotion growth that comes with the acceptance that we are not our material selves – we are more. The figures and colourful background represent the way we try to reduce the idea of our consciousness into matter. However, our creativity, our passion, and our identity can not be found in our material form. Our conscious existence is not just quantified by the organic flesh that we were born into. Our individuality, our consciousness, our thoughts are all separate from the body we inhabit. The mind is a kingdom that we need to nurture and help bloom. As materialists we obsess over the mind- body problem. The idea that our worth and identity lies within how we look; our body. This perception limits our connections with each other and our ability to live mindfully. Along with this, the intention of the exhibition is to offer a self aware perspective. We have this one existence and our bodies are here to carry us through it. Our bodies offer us shelter, security and protection. Do not treat your body as the enemy. Nourish it, strengthen it and allow yourself to befriend your form. This exhibit invited the audience to question who we are beyond our organic shape. Our consciousness and our bodies are mutually exclusive, we are borrowed matter and eventually we return to the earth.

As you explore this exhibition, take a moment to acknowledge and meditate on what it’s like to be you, right now. Take a moment to ground yourself and allow your self to connect and feel each art piece. Sep 3-12. Gallery 1313, 1313 Queen W. g1313.org.