Dr. Tom and the GoldBlooded King E10: Raptors writers invade the pod


It finally happened, people. Your favorite Golden State Warriors blog has received closure from that heroic but disastrous conclusion to last June’s NBA Finals by sitting down on the Dr. Tom and the GoldBloodedKing podcast with THE NEW CHAMPIONS from Raptors HQ.

Jay and Dre from the Raptors blog were gracious enough to hang out with us and chop shop. In this pod we covered some pressing topics like:

  • How both teams went from fighting in a championship to afterthoughts in the general public’s perception.
  • Toronto fans relishing a magical ride to the title compared to how Golden State fans have grown accustomed to RANGZ.
  • The dual departures of Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant.
  • Toronto’s chances for competing in the East after the free agency shakeup.
  • MVP and title predictions.

Dr. Tom even gave them advice on how to carry themselves as champion fans. This was a fun conversation that you’re not going to want to miss.