Downsview Park’s A Walk in the Park: Tree Planting


Join us as we work together to grow Downsview Park’s beautiful urban forest.
About this Event
A FREE nature program. Connect with the natural world and come out to Downsview Park, a division of Canada Lands Company.

About this Event

In response to COVID-19 changes to the program have been made to keep participants and staff as safe as possible. Participants and staff will be in small groups, not exceeding provincial regulations. All participants must preregister. We will no longer have a indoor component. We ask all participants to wear masks, and a health check in will be needed before attending all programs. Additional information will be sent to all program participants. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 policies, please contact us


Join us as we take a guided stroll through Downsview Park’s green spaces. This program is geared toward adults and will take place on accessible pathways.

A Walk in the Park is intended for adults 18+. Downsview Park offers two programs, Nature Connection and Jr. Forest Explorers for families. Please contact us at before registering anyone under 18 years old

October 6th – Tree Planting

Join us as we work together to grow Downsview Park’s beautiful urban forest.


Renseignements sur la COVID-19


En raison de la COVID-19, des changements ont été apportés au programme afin d’assurer la sécurité des participants et du personnel dans la mesure du possible. Les participants et le personnel formeront des petits groupes respectant les règlements provinciaux. Tous les participants doivent s’inscrire à l’avance. Il n’y aura plus d’élément à l’intérieur. Une auto-évaluation de la santé devra être effectuée avant de participer à un programme. Des renseignements supplémentaires seront envoyés à tous les participants aux programmes. Si vous avez des questions sur les politiques relatives à la COVID-19, veuillez prendre contact avec nous à