Dino Drive – NOW Magazine


Ever wondered what it would be like roaming the earth with the dinosaurs? Dino Drive is a unique socially distanced, fully contactless drive-thru experience at Exhibition Place. The event puts you and your family right into the Mesozoic Era exploring the wondrous dinosaurs that once roamed our earth. It is an immersive experience like none other, that features over 35 real size, museum quality dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are NOT statues. These dinosaurs come alive with their life-like movements and roars. Dino Drive offers exciting family fun while being educational too. Listen to the informative audio track through your car stereo and learn how these majestic creatures lived 65 million years ago. March 12-28. 10 am-9 pm. $45 per vehicle. Enter through Ontario Drive and Lakeshore. https://dinodrive.ca/