Danny Green pays ultimate tribute to LA, Raptors titles


Philadelphia 76ers swingman Danny Green is going crazy with his ink-game this offseason as he recently paid tribute to his former teams in the Los Angeles Lakers and the Toronto Raptors.

Despite being in Los Angeles for just a year, his stay there was amazing as Green and the Lakers capped off their season with a championship trophy despite all of the heartbreak 2020 offered.

Green got his Los Angeles tribute tattooed first, it depicts the Larry O’Brien trophy with the Universal Studios and Lakers logo as its crown jewel. He also added some palm trees and a checkered flag, which is a tribute to LA rapper Nipsey Hussle. Steve Butcher finally put the icing on the cake when he added a Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant piece.

Before signing for the Lakers in 2019, Danny Green also won a championship with the Raptors a season prior. He also paid tribute to his stay with Toronto as he was inked with the CN Tower, the maple leaf, and the number six, which is a nod to Toronto.

Steve Butcher also added the famed claws of the Raptors together with the Larry O’Brien trophy.

After his stints with the Lakers and the Raptors, Green is now a member of the Philadelphia 76ers. The sharpshooter recently signed a two-year extension with the Sixers and is looking to capture his fourth NBA title with Joel Embiid leading the way this season.