Danielle Gulic & Yvonne Reidy, Loversland


As part of Small Business Month’s Small Biz and Money Digital Residency, we’re profiling the speakers that participated in our NOW Futures panel on thriving as a small business in Toronto.

What is your business and what do you do?

Loversland is redefining the retailer’s role in the celebration of love – transforming a one-time wedding interaction into a lasting relationship. We deliver the best from contemporary bridal, accessory and ready to wear designs, to a lovingly curated selection of gifts, lingerie, travel essentials and more.

What inspired your small business? Tell us the story of your inception.

Many of our friends were beginning to get married and we realized there wasn’t a bridal brand or shop experience around that represented/reflected us or our friends. We recognized that there was a gap in the market place and so in 2014 we decided to open LoversLand.

When it comes to customer payment and check-out experiences, what is the biggest challenge you face in your small business?

That we move through the transaction quickly so we can continue to focus on other customers shopping experience.

Why are low-cost, reliable solutions important to a small business owner?

Managing cash flow is a major challenge for any small business! Whenever we and/or our customer’s can save a little the better! 

How do you build trust with your customers? Why is building trust important?

Delivering what we promise! And, making sure they feel like a priority! Trust helps build strong relationship with your consumer. We’re competing globally, not just locally. So, if we can cannot build trust with customers someone else will.

What piece of advice would you share with others who want to grow their own small business?

Take it one day at a time – don’t move faster than you can keep up.