Coronavirus updates: Ontario confirms 58 new cases of COVID-19


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The latest local and Canadian news on novel coronavirus

11:50 am Starbucks closes all cafe locations

On Friday night, Starbucks announced it would be shuttering all of its cafe locations and moving solely to drive-thru and delivery only, effective immediately.

The company added in a release that some exceptions would be made for cafes serving in or around hospitals “in our efforts to serve thousands of first responders and health care workers who are on the front line”.

Visit the Starbucks website for more info.

11:25 am Canada arranging commercial flights for Canadians stranded abroad

Prime Minister Justin Trudea said on Saturday that the Canadian government is organizing commercial flights to help Canadian travellers overseas return home. The first flight is leaving Morocco this weekend and others will potentially leave from Peru and Spain. Other destinations will be announced soon.

“We won’t be able to reach everyone but we’re going to do our best to help those we can,” he said, adding that the government is taking a few things into account before organizing commercial flights: the number of Canadians in a location, the closure of local airspace and local situation.

“Public health policies will apply to these flights. Everyone has to isolate for 14 days once they’re back,” he said. “If you’re showing symptoms of COVID-19, you won’t be able to board.”

He added that Canadians will have to pay for their tickets, but the government is working out an agreement with airlines to cover extra costs and to ensure “responsible ticket prices.”

Canadians abroad should register with Global Affairs Canada if they have not already done so.

11 am Ontario reports 58 new cases of COVID-19

Public health officials have confirmed 58 new cases of COVID-19 in the province, with one new recovery. Ontario’s total cases is now 377, including two deaths and six resolved.

There are 7,239 cases still under investigation and 15,768 have tested negative.

On Friday, the province announced expanded measures to help curb spread, including a new interactive version of the self-assessment tool, waiving the three-month OHIP waiting period and covering the cost of COVID-19 care for uninsured people who don’t normally qualify for publicly funded health insurance.