Coronavirus updates: Ford to detail first stage of Ontario’s reopening; Province makes Ontario Drug Benefit Program more affordable


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Case summary

  • As of May 12, there are 21,236, known cases of COVID-19 in Ontario.
  • 15,391 cases have been resolved in the province and 1,765 people have died.
  • As of May 12, there are 7,944 cases in Toronto, 5,655 cases are resolved and 634 people have died.

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8:45 am Doug Ford to details first phase of Ontario’s reopening plans

This afternoon, Ontario Premier Doug Ford will announce stage one in the province’s reopening plan. The first stage of the three-pronged reopening plan is expected to include a list of “low-risk” workplaces, seasonal businesses and essential services that will reopen next.

A date for when the first stage will begin has not been announced yet. Ford said on Wednesday that the province is not ready to initiate the first stage of the plan. “We aren’t at stage one quite yet. We’re asking people to get ready for stage one,” Ford said during his daily news conference.

8:45 am Ontario offers prescription drug relief during pandemic

People using the Ontario Drug Benefit Program are no longer required to pay a co-payment, at least until July 1, for prescriptions of over 30 days, the provincial government said on Wednesday. 

In order to maintain supply during the pandemic, pharmacists and doctors have been dispensing medication for 30 days or less at a time.

Additionally, people who are part of the Trillium Drug Program can apply for an income reassessment to help ease any financial burdens. That means any family in the program that has experienced an income change in 2019 or 2020 of 10 per cent or more compared to their 2018 income can apply to have their deductible recalculated by submitting the Annual Deductible Re-Assessment Form.

Those who are eligible but not currently enrolled in the Trillium Drug Program and have high prescription costs can also submit an application and re-assessment form.

8:30 am Canada has over 72,000 cases of COVID-19

There are 72,278 cases of COVID-19 in Canada and 5,304 people have died.

The outbreak is a serious public health threat though most people who contract the virus have not been hospitalized. 

Symptoms include cough, fever, difficulty breathing and pneumonia in both lungs and may take up to 14 days to appear after exposure. People age 65 and over and people with compromised immune systems and/or underlying medical conditions have a higher risk of contracting a severe case.