Considering A Home ?: Start With The Basement


After well over a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have observed, that the vast number of individuals, pay, far too little attention, to one of the most significant parts of a house. While it may be, more fun, and more enjoyable, looking at the kitchen, bedrooms, and beautiful bathrooms, a wise, educated, house – hunter, begin by taking a close look, at the basement. It's amazing how much, might be learned, when one looks there, including: some major core components; any existing, or previous structural damage; if there is a water issue; and what, is often, referred to, as the, bones of the house . With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss. some of the reason, a house's basement, often, indicates so much about the home, itself.

1. Heating System: In the overwhelming number of instances, the major core, of a house's heating system, is located in the basement. First, is the system, electrical, oil, or gas, or any combination, including alternatives, such as solar and geo-thermal? What is the age, and condition, of the burner, and boiler? How noisy or quiet is it? How often has it be serviced? Are there any odors, etc? How is it vented, etc?

2. Electrical: Look at the electric box. What level of service is in the house, 100 amp, or 220 amp? How neat, organized, and clearly labeled, is the box? If there is any need, to address future electrical issues, how easily might, an electrician, be able to locate, the root / cause, of the problem?

3. Water: How old is the hot water tank? What condition is it in?

4. Finished legally: Are the finished parts of the foundation, legally done, with proper permits, inspections, etc? Are there any indications of excessive moisture, or a concern odor?

5. Water Damage: Does there appear to be, any indication of past water damage? Look at the walls, floors, and ask, pointing questions, to discover, whether there has ever been damage, etc! Is there any built – in, dehumidifier, etc?

6. Structural: Inspect the beams, and other structural supports, especially in exposed areas (usually unfinished areas, such as near the burner / boiler, utility room, laundry room (false ceiling), and consider, whether there are any signs of termites , carpenter ants, etc. Although, you may not notice any issues, before purchasing, have a professional, inspect, to be certain, you know, before you buy!

7. Neatness: The condition, and whether it's neat and clean, is often, a clear indicator, of how well, the house, has been cared for.

You can generally change a kitchen, bathroom, and renovate / upgrade, various parts of a house, but, without, it's got the bones , you're not using a common sense approach, to buying a home! Will you follow this logical approach, or purely, an emotional one?

Source by Richard Brody