ChinaTOwn: Future Heritage(s) of Toronto’s Chinatown Symposium


What could the heritage future of Chinatown look like? The ChinaTOwn symposium will begin the discussion by looking at the history & origins of architectural motifs that we recognize in chinatowns today.

From the first Chinatown in San Francisco, to the world fairs that fascinated visitors with false portrayals of Chinese culture, the symposium explores exactly what defines the “Chinatown-ness” that we know today, & how we arrived at that definition.

The symposium will also introduce some of the realities & challenges faced by Toronto’s existing chinatowns, as businesses are forced to move out & new policies affect the livelihood of these communities. These findings will be presented as part of our speakers’ bodies of work, art & activism.

Presented by Myseum of Toronto as part of Myseum Intersections 2021. May 27 from 7-9 pm ET on Zoom. Free. Pre-register on Eventbrite: