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The first of its kind, CHARISMA MOD focuses on providing an inclusive, accessible, and LGBTQ+ driven experience for players and audiences alike.
Hosted by Stella Kulagowski, and produced by LGBTQ+ comedy house Comic Sans Productions, CHARISMA MOD takes Canada’s favourite comedians through their very first Dungeons & Dragons campaign.
Throughout the series, players will guide their characters through challenges and battles in front of a live audience, all while learning to play a beloved RPG (role-playing game). Incorporating special surprise guests, brain-teasing puzzles, and hilarious antics into the classic RPG format,
CHARISMA MOD entices a broad new audience to the world of fantasy gameplay. Nov 9 at 7 pm.
Premiering on November 09th, 2020, our first series will stream live on Twitch and YouTube Live, leading players and audiences simultaneously through six episodes of a campaign that will lead our characters through a hilarious fantasy quest.