Celebrating Canada’s dining diversity this Thanksgiving holiday


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“And yes – I’ve been cooking!” said Bhatia gleefully of a series of recipes now available on the company’s website. “I enjoyed it, my wife was a little surprised, but pleased – it was an amazing experience!”

You can see Bhatia in cooking action on his Instagram, @NavBhatiaSuperfan).


What’s on the menu this Thanksgiving? Apart from the traditional favourites – turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie – the standard Canadian Thanksgiving meal has been turned on its proverbial head thanks to the evolution of new Canadians who have only been in Canada the last 12 years or so.

Thanks to this influx of new members to the country, the majority from South Asia, China and the Philipines, there’s been a melding and merging of tastes, textures and flavours with new culturally-diverse dishes, according to the findings in a recent survey conducted by the 137-year-old spice brand, Club House (a McCormick & Co. brand).

The findings dispelled the notion that the Thanksgiving holiday “has one taste across the country,” said company officials in a media release, and that top dishes from a person’s cultural heritage include “roasted chicken, fried rice, and pancit,” – a Filipino noodle dish.

The recent media release, available on Helloflavour.ca, offered the following key findings:

– Almost all new Canadians celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, with nearly half of whom are blending traditional Canadian Thanksgiving dishes with dishes that represent their cultural heritage.