Canucks claim Travis Boyd, because why shouldn’t Toronto build their 4th line for them? – TheLeafsNation


Sequels are never as much fun as the original, and I have to admit being decidedly less happy about Travis Boyd being claimed by the Canucks than I was about Jimmy Vesey being claimed.

So, here’s the stuff that pulls us all in from the ledge. Travis Boyd is a depth player, and his departure means the Leafs now don’t need to worry about his prorated $700k taking up space on the roster. That’s a small amount but every little bit helps give the team more flexibility at the trade deadline. Of course they would have had that same flexibility if he cleared and was assigned to their taxi squad, but this is about justifying the waiving.

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The reality is this move does kinda hurt. Boyd was an option at center. Thinning out that position is generally not a good thing, and with Boyd gone, there is now some pressure on Adam Brooks to wow us when we are in our time of need.

Boyd put up three goals and eight points in 20 games for the Leafs this season, which is pretty remarkable for someone who is essentially the thirteenth forward. His 20% shooting percentage does seem to be a tad inflated though, and his PDO of 105 is downright hilarious. The Leafs were frequently outshot with Boyd on the ice however, so while he was a lucky charm, he did result in a lot more work for the defense and goaltenders.

With the departure of Boyd, it’s likely we’ll see more of Alexander Barabanov, Adam Brooks, and Nic Petan in the future, but as for right now the Leafs seem pretty happy with a lineup that is so deep they have to slot Zach Hyman in on the fourth line. As long as there aren’t any injuries, it will be smooth sailing for the Leafs.

Salary data from PuckPedia and statistics from Hockey-Reference

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