BLACK 365 Presented by @BelieveMusicCanada


Northern Power Summit (NPS) continues to deliver its 5th annual conference virtually with an event called Black 365 on February 20th. Over 2,000 people registered to attend the January session (called Re.sound.ED) which focused on mental health in the music industry, and NPS organizers hope to build on that when they present a celebration of Black excellence in music and the arts in February.

The event will include keynote addresses from legendary Canadian Hip-Hop pioneer Maestro Fresh Wes, and founder of the New Skool Rules Conference and Festival in the Netherlands, Henca Maduro.

“Our February session is called Black 365 to highlight black excellence in Canada and abroad. This has been a challenging year. From Black Lives Matter to the impact of the deaths of George Floyd to Breonna Taylor, there is a need for this information. It was inspiring to see so many people stand up for equality over the summer. We want to be able to deliver more tools so that we can seize this moment in history,” says NPS Co-founder D.O. Gibson.