Bay Area Deputy who sued Masai Ujiri previously convicted of fraud


The Alameda County Sheriff’s deputy that attempted to sue Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri after alleging the executive struck him in the wake of the 2019 NBA Finals celebration has his own troubled history with the law.

Court records show that Alan Francis Strickland was charged with felony insurance fraud and making false statements on March 31, 1994, according to documents uncovered by television station KTVU FOX 2 in Oakland.

The records show that in 2005, Strickland plead no contest to misdemeanor insurance fraud. The false statement charge — also a misdemeanor — was dropped in exchange for the no contest plea.

The criminal charge against Ujiri was dropped, but Strickland filed a lawsuit last month. Strickland has not returned to work since that evening, and his federal suit alleges assault and battery, with injuries to his head, jaw, chin, and teeth listed among the claims. He also filed a workers’ compensation claim.

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA – The Sherrif’s deputy that alleges Masai Ujiri assaulted him the night the Raptors won the NBA championship has been revealed to have a history of insurance fraud.

Last month, Ujiri called the lawsuit “malicious”, and said that the incident marred what should have been a highlight moment of his life.

“To me it’s incredible that things play out like that,” Ujiri said in February. “I think something incredible was taken away from me and I will never forget it. It is one of the things that drives me to win another championship because I want to be able to celebrate a championship the right way.”

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