Basic Income: An Artists’ Commission


Can you imagine what your life as an artist would be like if your basic economic needs were met? How would it change your art practice? How would it change the way that you care for people in your community? How would it change your priorities in life? We asked 20 artists across artistic disciplines and geography these questions and more to better understand the current lived experiences of individual artists and cultural workers navigating precarity and income support programs. Basic Income: An Artists’ Commission will hear directly from these artists on January 30 and 31, 2021. Through a series of testimonies over two days, Basic Income: An Artists’ Commission will hear from 20 artists navigating poverty, economic precarity, and impacts income support programs have had on their lives and art practices. The testifiers include artists from a range of regions, artistic disciplines, and experiences from across Canada. These testimonies are free and open to watch by the public over Zoom. These testimonies will inform a report by four commissioners which will be made available late winter 2021. The goal is to contribute to the broader political and economic discussion around BI by centering our voices as artists and cultural workers, and to explore how Basic Income might shape our collective futures. MORE INFO QUESTIONS and MEDIA INQUIRIES