B/R says Toronto Raptors should’ve traded Pascal Siakam and Kyle Lowry


The Toronto Raptors might have swapped out Norman Powell for Gary Trent Jr. at the trade deadline, but that hasn’t totally quieted the sentiments that claim Masai Ujiri should have pulled off another Raptors trade involving a player like Kyle Lowry. Pascal Siakam and the rest of the squad just weren’t getting it done.

Ultimately, Ujiri decided to keep what he had, even if it means losing Lowry to a team like the New York Knicks in free agency, and gambling on the idea of returning to their old form upon an expected return to Toronto.

Bleacher Report is firmly in the fire sale camp, as they think Lowry should have been exchanged for something of value. That idea makes a ton of sense, but their second recommendation for Toronto is so off the wall that would set the Raptors back for the next few seasons.

B/R not only suggested that the Raptors should have traded Siakam to the Golden State Warriors for a package headlined by Andrew Wiggins and James Wiseman, but they also scolded the Raptors for not pushing through the rumored Lowry package that would’ve sent him to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Would this Pascal Siakam trade have made sense for the Toronto Raptors?

Warriors Get

PF Pascal Siakam

PF Chris Boucher

Raptors Get

SF Andrew Wiggins

C James Wiseman

PF Eric Paschall

This deal had Siakam AND Chris Boucher going to Golden State in order to fix their lack of talent in the paint.

Wiseman has as much offensive potential as any young big in the game, but he is a long way away from being a star. Wiggins can score, but even his improved defense is a tad suspect. Paschall’s scoring has dropped off since last year and he

Yes, Wiseman could be an All-Star center, and Wiggins is playing some of the best basketball of his career, but trading away the two best members of a frontcourt already lacking in depth for two wild cards in Paschall and Wiseman to go along with Wigging doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Would this Pascal Siakam trade have made sense for the Toronto Raptors?

Raptors Get

PG Dennis Schroder

SG Kentavious Caldwell-Pope

SG Talen Horton-Tucker

This was the exact offer The Athletic reported that the Lakers and Raptors were discussing, but the Lakers backed put after hesitating to put Horton-Tucker in the deal.

The Raptors might not have gotten a ton of value here. Schroder will be a free agent at the end of this year, making him a potential Toronto target anyway, and Caldwell-Pope would not have moved the needle much.

Considering how much the Raptors would have received in this trade, this looks good on paper, but the surplus of guards paints a different story.

Assuming these trades went through, the Raptors would’ve had a starting lineup of Schroder at point guard, VanVleet at shooting guard, Wiggins at small forward, OG Anunoby at power forward, and Wiseman at center, with Trent, Horton-Tucker, Caldwell-Pope, and Paschall all on the bench.

Where to even begin? Wiseman would be a solid grab, but why would the Warriors give up him AND Wiggings after one year? In addition to Schroder, Horton-Tucker, and Trent all being free agents, this grouping has too many guards for their own build. Would Khem Birch even join Toronto if they make this trade and add a starting center in Wiseman?

The Raptors will likely be more competitive next year, and Siakam is one of the main reasons why. The Lowry trade made sense, but it’s not an egregious misfire. Trading Siakam would be a horror show.