Art Ride Thing – Toronto Cruisers 2021


There’s no Nuit Blanche, so we’ll meet at the southeast corner of Spadina & Bloor, get our bikes geared up with lights, sound or whatever else we care to do & we’ll ride off into the night to find art, renegade styles!

<<<let’s crowdsource some art!!! know something, say something!!! fill in this short form with any tips you have or something you want to make for this night or for this ride! >>>

<<<theme for 2021 will be SKULLS & SKELETONS!!! masks, facepaint, gloves, costumes & more highly encouraged!!!>>>

If you’re looking for a well defined schedule of stops & times, everything is subject to change, so don’t plan around it. We’ll set out to see art, make some noise, have some fun & interact with our city, much like we do on our Toronto Cruisers rides. Join up, split off, rejoin, grab a rideshare bike, hop on, hop off as we’re riding until we feel like it!!! As far as we know, this is the ONLY event that aims to ride & actually stop & see the art that others have created! Let’s celebrate their efforts & vision! Fun fact: In 2018, we did in fact visit every single piece of art downtown (that we could find), so that’s something! And yes, we’ll also visit renegade activities that appear on no official maps or schedules!

No attitude, no bull, responsible, friendly people only please. Ride safe, take responsibility for yourself, treat riders with respect, be prepared & be friendly. Bring tools, tubes & tokens & bring warm clothing as it can get downright chilly as we ride into the night. If weather is iffy, we’ll make a call no later than 2 hours prior to ride time on this event page.
Covid is real. Take precautions. Keep people safer. Be considerate & responsible towards all riders.
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