ANIDA Day 2021 Liberia – NOW Magazine


Just like other years, ANIDA will be hosting our upcoming ANIDA Day 2021 event this March but with a small twist. It will be held virtually. Due to the current situation, we still believe we are able to reach and engage many individuals in order to spread the word and make this event successful. 

Now, you may be asking “What is ANIDA Day?” ANIDA Day is a day of culture, connection and most importantly community engagement. It is an event open to all individuals who have an interest and passion in making a difference for child poverty and promoting social and economic justice for many different communities; locally and internationally.  

This year our main focus for ANIDA Day is education in Liberia. You will have a chance to expand your knowledge and have fun at the same time! It will feature a Liberian guest speaker; Leo Nupolo Johnson who is the founder of the Empowerment Squared Organization as well as the president of the Liberian Association of Canada. Leo will take you through his journey, thoughts and experiences with education in Liberia. You will also get to watch an amazing Liberian traditional dance, take part in an exciting interactive trivia activity with a chance to win some cool prizes, interact virtually with like-minded individuals and much more! With this event, our goal is to raise awareness in order to significantly better the lives and future of children in Liberia. Come and join us Sunday, March 28th at 2:00 PM for an inspiring experience. It’s all free so be sure to save the date!