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impel Theatre presents a live remote digital performance of An Acorn by Caridad Svich. Directed by Kendra Jones, featuring Blythe Haynes and Ray Strachan with two of the following surprise guests each night: Ntara Curry, Patricia Darbasie, Kelli Fox and Josh Johnston. Two actors will be cast and appear both nights, rehearsed. Each night, two more actors will receive the script and some specific instructions an hour before the performance, and will perform their cold read.

We continue to be isolated, nearly 1 year on from the initial lockdowns. While vaccine rollouts mean that some semblance of “normal” life will return, the experience of this isolation, fear, and upheaval will linger with us. We have learned in this time about our fellow humans, and while there have been moments of hope, the divide between factions feels to have grown into a chasm. Will we ever reconnect? Or has the awareness of these differences changed us forever? March 12 and 13 at 8 pm. The audience, will also receive instructions day-of, for how to curate their space and how they can interact.  Tickets are PWYC, $15 minimum donation. If you are watching with more than 1 person in your household, please consider this in your donation. Performances will be available to purchase on demand from March 14 through April 3, via the same ticket link.

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