adidas AM4 World Champs Toronto Raptors


Since the Toronto Raptors joined the Association back in 1993, they’ve endured quite the up-and-down roller coaster ride throughout the course of their existence. From the exciting moments of the Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady eras to the more recent days when DeMar DeRozan served as the leader of the team that consistently resulted in falling short in the playoffs, the shot at an NBA title never seemed to be within reach. Until last year, in which a blockbuster trade that sent Kawhi Leonard to the 6, the Raptors were re-energized with a brand new superstar, eventually leading to their first championship win in franchise history. And to celebrate this amazing accomplishment, adidas has crafted a specially designed AM4 model to commemorate their first ring entitled the “World Champs”. Taking on a three-toned color palette, the majority of the sneaker arrives in classic white, contrasted with red heel molds and black laces. In addition, the team’s claw logo is embellished upon the heels, followed by the dates and final scores of their entire post-season run sprawled across the entire upper. Grab a closer look here below, and fans looking to pick up a pair can do so on November 17th at 9am ET via the Raptors mobile app.

adidas AM4 “World Champs”
Release Date: November 17th, 2019