3 surprise free agents who could sign 1-year deals


The Toronto Raptors’ offseason has only just started and the rumor mill has already begun to swirl when it comes to the draft, free agency, and trades this organization should pursue. There are tons of names being thrown out there when it comes to all aspects of this offseason and some are much more realistic than others.

When it comes to free agency, sometimes getting a few solid pieces for the rotation is as good if better than getting one semi-star. The Raptors have plenty of holes to fill, and going for the cheaper route might help them improve whilst saving money.

Especially when it comes to an organization like the Toronto Raptors where a strong core is intact with a few all-star quality players.

This offseason is a pivotal one for the Toronto Raptors and although a long-term outlook is always best – Masai Ujiri may be willing to take some fliers on a few players who have shown dominance in the past. Here are 3 names that could join the Raptors next year on 1-year deals.

These 3 players could end up with the Toronto Raptors on 1-year deals.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – DECEMBER 22: Spencer Dinwiddie #26 of the Brooklyn Nets (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

3. Spencer Dinwiddie

Spencer Dinwiddie‘s 2020-2021 season ended before it started, only getting to suit up for 3 games with the Brooklyn Nets. An ACL tear is nothing to sneeze at and although he should be ready to roll for next season, sometimes a player can never return to pre-tear form.

Dinwiddie had improved steadily since joining the Nets and became one of the most underrated guards in the Eastern Conference despite being a backup for most of his tenure. Now with the ‘Big 3’ cemented in Brooklyn, there may be no more room for his services.

Spencer Dinwiddie can regain his form with the Toronto Raptors.

Dinwiddie will more likely than not wave his player option, not only for an increased payday, but playing time. If he truly believes the ACL is back in form, he should have no problem taking a 1-year “prove it” deal to show he can be the player he was before the injury.

Dinwiddie won’t get a boatload of money if he hits free agency this summer, but if he plays as he did before the injury, he could in 2022.

The fit with the Raptors could be perfect. With Kyle Lowry more likely than not on the way out, another veteran guard to suit up next to Fred VanVleet on the starting lineup would be a seamless transition. This way, rookie guards Malachi Flynn and Jalen Harris could have one more year to develop on the second unit and the Raptors could remain competitive next season.