Wigan Pier Old School Bounce Volume 1 (CD 1 of 4 – Adam T)

Here it is as Promised 🙂 as the teaser was getting a ridiculous amount of plays lol I decided to re upload it for people to download.

This was a CD Pack I did a few years back when I was running “Wigan Pier Around The World” to promote the Wigan Pier name & help with the overseas events. (New Zealand/ Australia) This was approved by owners of the brand to use the Name & logo of ‘Wigan Pier’
so NO!! it wasn’t just another Mix that someone did then slapped Wigan Pier on it to promote themselves. It was a official CD Pack handed out at the overseas events. Which then later become a free download for everyone back home in the UK

Enjoy 🙂

Source by Adam T