The LingerRinger. (Hip Hop/Rap/Instrumentals/beats/Club/New School Beats) is my email if you want to reach me.

My name is Arcane, im an unsigned producer whos has a passion to make hot beats / hot instrumentals … well atleast I think their hot, but I would love to hear your opinions. Most beats instrumentals that I upload can be remixed for whoever would like to purchase one , but some beats are already mapped to 3 or 2 verses and hooks, due to the time they were made, but 90 % are still mixable. (prices for my instrumental beats ARE negotiable ).

note: of coarse the voice overs on my beats will not be there when/if I send to you, and I will format the instrumental into song format the way you desire, (or I can set it to my desired format if you would like). Also, beats can also be set slower or faster if you desire. (Tempo/Pitch)

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