RnB Group Next Now

When we talk about songs that never get old one that ALWAYS makes the cut is “Too Close” by Next. Next was out here doing the damn thing from the minute they hit the scene. We’re talking voices were always on point, dance moves were slow and sensual and caused you to have to fan or ice yourself down.  And it was a plus that ALL three of the men were drool worthy, we were thirsty and proud to be fans!

So it was terrible when we found out they all fell out and went their separate ways. As a supporter when we found out that they were getting their own unsung episode, we of course marked our calendars to save the date. Well this past Wednesday the episode premiered, and we were not disappointed.

First things first I had no idea that T-Low and Tweet were blood brothers. Their story was really sad, their sister passed away when the hit single “Too Close” was released. Not only did they lose their sister but they gained the information that she was a product of rape by their grandfather (their mother’s father.) They admitted that they found this information out at a terrible time, it was bad enough that it was true, but it dampened their enjoyment of their success.

As time went on RL branched out and did a duet with Deborah Cox and was also featured on “The Best Man” soundtrack on a song with Tyrese and Genuine. The two others in the group claim that they supported his decision to this, because they were still a group. The issues only came up with RL stated he was leaving NEXT to pursue his solo career.