Hosted and Mixed by Texas’ Finest “Chad One Love”. Just a mix of what we’ve done so far this year. Thanks for the support

1. The first track is just l0fty bein’ way too smooth on the guitar, we found it a while after it was recorded and looped it up for the intro to this mix

2. Currently titled “Gather Round”, to be expected this year on l0fty’s highly anticipated “The Reverends son”. This track features both Doogie McDuff and Chad One Love for a sure shot at a chill jam

3. Prod. by l0fty the track currently titled “Hood Shit” is soon expected to have features from Chad One Love and Qnique!!! Two of Texas hottest lyricists.

4. Chad One Love losing it on a beat named “Time’s Running Out” Prod. by l0fty. An amazing showcase the progress they have both made in the last year.

5. “Lost in the Underground” Prod. by l0fty, is part of the first of two albums under construction by Doogie Mcduff x l0fty. Being that these guys grew up together and both of their names are Luke, they plan to drop a two part album called “Lost in the Underground” & “Knowledge Eternal” (L.U.K.E). Be Prepared.

6. This next track was exciting for all of us. After a year hiatus from our boy, Deezy Montana, he came back hard with this feature on Chad One Love’s track currently titled “LOOSELIPS” Prod. by TALLBOY from Toronto, ON

7. A simple outro brewed up by Chad One Love on the turntables. This track features Lyrics by L.O.T.U.G. on their 1995 release “What I’m After” and an instrumental by RJD2 “One Day”. Just a remix for the team. Perfect lyrics and mood for the mind state these kids strive for.

8. BONUS. A fire track Prod. by KVH out of Kiev, Ukraine. Chad One Love and Doogie Mcduff just spit a quick one take over this one. What most cats now call a “freestyle”, but seeing how it was written right before hand we’ll just call it a one take.

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