20 years after his untimely death, more news emerges about the late, great Tupac!

Bobby Brown’s book is going to be full of interesting tidbits, which apparently includes sexy time with a ghost and now he is revealing that his late ex-wife Whitney Houston had an affair with rapper Tupac Shakur.

In Brown’s new memoir, titled Every Little Step, he reveals sex secrets that Bobby alleges Whitney Houston held close. According to Brown’s book, Whitney not only smoked weed with their daughter, but also had an affair with Tupac Shakur.

Bobby admitted to cheating on Whitney with plenty of women. But he also claimed that Houston was no angel in their marriage.

The singer claims that Whitney had sex with “quite a few” of the artists and producers Houston worked with in the industry. One of those famous names thrown into the mix was Tupac.

The “I Get Around” bad-boy rapper does not seem like a guy Whitney would choose, but Bobby has previously stated that her good-girl image was just a front.

Newsweek reported Whitney’s reaction when asked about Tupac after his death. They asked, “Were you and Tupac Shakur friends?”

Houston answered, “[Long pause.] Yes, we were friends, and I remember the last thing I ever said to him. It was at the Waiting to Exhale party last year, and I was so surprised to see him because I didn’t know he’d gotten out of jail. So I waved him over, and we hugged and I told him, ‘Baby, you got to promise me something–don’t let them get you.’ And he said, ‘I won’t.’ That was the last thing I ever said to him, and he didn’t do it. It hurt my heart for him to die.”

Brown’s book details his rise to fame from Roxbury, Massachusetts, to his New Edition days and beyond. Some of the most interesting revelations in the book include Bobby’s time being married to Whitney. Now 47, Bobby also included some of the famous names he has slept with, including Janet Jackson and Madonna.

Brown also sets the record straight for those who believed Bobby was the one who got Whitney started on drugs. Brown claims that it was on their wedding day when he first saw Whitney use cocaine and claimed that Houston offered some to him, but he refused to indulge at that time.

Eventually, Brown said he did join Whitney in doing drugs, sometimes for days on end, and wrote that they’d get a babysitter to watch over Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobby claims to now be clean from drugs but admits that he still has a problem with alcohol.

According to Brown, while Bobby gave up the drugs, Houston continued. Whitney died in 2012 at the age of 48. Bobbi Kristina died in 2015.

Bobby’s book has testimonials that claimed Nick Gordon, Bobbi, and Whitney all smoked marijuana together. “They all started smoking pot together. Yes, she [Whitney] was smoking with them.”