11th November 2013 Hip Hop new then old live on urbanbeatztv.com

More new Hip Hop for an hour then into the old stuff, I ended up playing the funky fast stuff.
Not too happy with the mixing this week, but hey ho!!
Bishop Nehru – Introvert
Bishop Nehru – Flow
Rakaa & Wordsworth – Invasion
J-Live & Copywrite – Rap Specialist
Step Brothers – Ron Carter
Tay Butler & Haz Solo – Beatdown
Esoteric & Stu Bangas – The Danger
Live Percenters – Rikki Tikki Godly
Golden Brown Sound – African Black
Lewis Parker – Ariel View
N.B.S – The Essence of Real Rap
Ruste Juxx – Countdown to Def
Live Percenters – Classicool
Danny Spice – King of the Beat feat Craig G
M.I.C – Bad & Good
Context & Bert Badge – Work Life Juggle
Live Percenters – The Book Club feat Oxygen
The Criminal Minds – Stage Driver
Fat Joe & KRS 1 & Sadat X – Take it to the Bronx
7 Gems – Vantage Point
Golden Brown Sound – Style Wars
Soundsci – The Ultimate (Drillakilla remix)
DJ Bazooka Joe – Lion men
Solrac – Bounce
K Delight – Make it Different
DJ Format – Rap Machine
Lhoop – Losing Hand
Idiot Proof – B-Boy contortionist
DJ Charlie Rock – A Horse with no Name
Billy Brown – Get Wild No.1
Freestyle Fellowship – Hot Potato
Flip Da Scrip – Who’s in Da House
Lord Ishawn & the Bronx Outlaws – Microphone Check
Black Sheep – Strobelight Honey (No We Didn’t mix)
LL Cool J – Jinglin Baby
KGB – Pick Up the Pace
Poor Righteous Teachers – Holy Intellect
Sun Moon & Star – No Sell Out
Nice & Smooth – Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
Mad Kap – Da Whole Kit and Kaboodle
Sham & the Professor – Coney Island
Kings of Swing – Nod Your Head to This
Ugly Ducking – Something’s Going Down feat Grand Puba
Brotha Life – Show Taker
Kool G Rap & Polo – Operation CB
Kwest Tha Madd Lad – Disk n Dat
Da Bush Babies – Swing It
Brettjayb – Outro.

Source by BrettJayB